Sliding Rubik's Cube

A box with 4 doors is introduced. A Rubik’s Cube is placed inside the left hand side of the box and the door is closed. The magician says the cube will now vanish, but the audience hears the cube sliding to the right hand side. The magician opens the left door to show the cube has vanished, but the audience tells the magician it’s on the other side. The magician says he’ll open the right hand door, but the audience hears the cube sliding to the left again. This continues a few times... when performed for kids, you can just imagine their reactions! Finally all four doors are opened to show the box completely empty and the Rubik’s Cube ends up in a container that was in full view all along!

> A topical effect with a familiar object
>> Great for both children and adults
>>> Smaller than the original Sliding Die Box, but still big enough for a large audience 

You don't have to supply anything! This trick is show-ready.

You can use our  Flat Box to produce the Rubik's Cube from at the end of the routine.



ZAR 2400 + Shipping

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