A suitcase/table combo to transport your magic in. Looks professional and sleek to use during performance.

* strong, sturdy but light, aluminium framework - it only weighs 4.7kg!
* 3mm wooden sides (bottom is 6mm wood for strong & stable support)
* includes a removable shoulderstrap
* top opens up to create a shelf at the back
* once the top is opened, there's still about half the width to serve as a table top. This remaining half can also open for additional access 
* tripod stand fits into suittable - great for transport 
* quick & easy attachment of the tripod stand to the box
* tripod is sturdy and suitable for uneven or lawn-type surfaces
* height of tripod can be adjusted (telescopic) before or after it has been attached to the suittable

Custom colours:
Side panels are covered with vinyl for a professional & smooth finish, available in:
red, royal blue, black, yellow, white & green

Inside Dimensions:
470mmL x 290mmW x 330mmH

ZAR 3,900 + Shipping

Optional extras:
* Side-table
Attached to left or right side of your suittable with hinges. Simple, one-handed operation...lift action that reveals a table-stay (support) - great when you want to place an item on the suittable and make it clear that nothing's underneath the item/table top:
ZAR 750 each

* Cover - Standard
ZAR 450  + Shipping
* Cover - Padded with 5mm high dense foam
ZAR 850 + Shipping

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