Devil's Napkin (aka Devil's Hank)

This is a very useful prop that you can use to make small objects like eggs, watches, coins, etc. vanish. Have a look at the video to see how good it looks!

If you're familiar with this prop, you'll know that two things are always a concern:
* bright light from behind 
* the object still being visible after the vanish
To combat these problems, we use a heavy, navy-colour satin and a tried & tested pattern. 
Bright light - even direct sunlight - from behind won't reveal the method! The satin also enhances the "flowing"-like effect of a seemingly soft, ordinary and elegant handkerchief. 

Our pattern will enable you to vanish heavy items like eggs, and even as big and awkward as a wristwatch, without its presence being telegraphed.

It measures approx. 330mm x 330mm.

ZAR 250 + Shipping

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