Comedy Washing Machine

This version of the classic washing machine is GUARANTEED to be a HIT in any children's show. The magician attempts to wash his socks but each time he opens the washing machine's door, the socks come out looking worse!

First the socks come out SHREDDED, then BLENDED, then they're TINY, then BLEACHED (white), and finally a CLEAN pair!

This cool washing machine design is a "front loader", with FIVE loads.

The best part about the trick is that it automatically resets for your next show!

All the socks are supplied, including an extra pair of "normal socks" - the socks in the video might be a different colour/design to the ones at the time of purchase.

You don't have to supply anything! This trick is show-ready.

Check out our  20th Century Sock - it is the perfect trick to do before the Comedy Washing Machine.

What they say...

"As a professional Children and Family Entertainer, I highly recommend the Comedy Washing Machine.
It ticks all the boxes: Audience Participation and Interaction. It's the highlight of my show! Plays in a living room and on the biggest stage. Suitable for Kids Birthday parties Family Functions, School and Church and Cruise Ship Shows."

Adrian The Magician
(Adrian Smith)

"One of the best props I've bought. The kids go crazy in my shows, they love it!"

Zippy the Magic Clown
(Andre Bladwell)



ZAR 2600 + Shipping

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